How Concrete Leveling Works

The A-1 Concrete Leveling process for leveling concrete allows us to return uneven concrete to its original level position without the cost of pouring new concrete.

At its simplest form, we fill any void under your slab with a limestone grout slurry mixture which in turn lifts the concrete in place. It is safe and effective for many applications and in most cases can be completed in a matter of hours instead of days for new concrete.

Our 3-Step Process

1. Drill Holes

Small holes (1-inch diameter) are drilled through the sunken concrete block at strategic locations.

2. Pump Leveling Compound

A finely crushed, highly dense limestone aggregate (sometimes combined with Portland cement), is combined with water in a “slurry” consistency is then pumped into the holes.

Once any voids, created by erosion or soil compaction, have been filled, the block will begin to rise. As the slurry begins to flow under the slab, it exerts an even pressure across the entire slab and can easily raise the concrete.

Through strategic placement of the drilled holes, and control of the amount of material injected into each, the block will be carefully raised into its final position.

3. Patch Drill Holes

During the last step, the holes are filled with non-shrinking grout leaving the slab looking nearly new.

The A-1 Concrete Leveling 3-Step Process

Common Concrete Leveling/Mudjacking applications include:

A-1 Concrete Leveling can save you up to 70% over the cost of tearing out and replacing your concrete.


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Will Neptune - Foreman/Social Media Manager

Will knows just what it takes to level any concrete slab or raise any foundation back to its original beauty and safety. He has been with A-1 Central PA since 2014. He understands intimately how concrete moves, and what it takes to get it back in the right place. If he is on your job, you know it’ll be done right.

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These folks do great work. There is an art to this and I'm happy we had them come out. Much cheaper than waiting for worse things to happen and having new concrete poured. I feel much more comfortable with these guys than others because they use limestone slurry vs foam to lift and level. The quote is what you pay and they guarantee their work. Book early. We'll use them in the future on the areas we couldn't get to this year.

- Dan A from Minneapolis

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