Restore and Protect Your Investment With Concrete Caulking

Minimize the look of cracks and gaps while preventing damage and settling from taking over your concrete.

Great-Looking Concrete in 4 Simple Steps

Concrete caulk is added to a control joint between two sidewalk slabs

Clean and Caulk

Dirt and debris are removed from the crack before applying concrete caulk

The concrete caulk is smoothed out by fingers coated in soap and water

Smooth It Out

The surface of the caulk is smoothed out to create a clean finish

Sand is sprinkled on top of the wet concrete caulk

Blend With Concrete

A mix of sand and/or aggregate is added to the caulk to blend it in 

The concrete gap is caulked and looks totally different than before

Clean and Enjoy

The freshly caulked concrete is cleaned off and ready for you to enjoy

Why should you caulk concrete gaps and cracks?

Concrete Caulking Benefits

  • Protects against erosion and concrete resettling
  • Helps prevent cracks and gaps from getting bigger
  • Creates a flexible seal that allows for natural concrete expansion
Caulking Concrete Expansion Joints

Average Concrete Caulking Prices

Concrete caulking can preserve and protect your concrete, saving you money in the long run. The following chart shows estimated pricing examples for different concrete caulking situations.

Basic Concrete Caulking 


4-6 sidewalk joints or cracks, up to 30 linear feet

Large Concrete Caulking 


4-6 driveway joints or cracks, up to 50 linear feet

Extensive Concrete 
Caulking Repair


10+ driveway joints or cracks, 100 linear feet or more 

Concrete caulking pricing varies by location and repair volume. Exact pricing can’t be determined until an A-1 expert has inspected the area. Request a free quote with the link below!

Concrete Caulking Before & After

Concrete Caulking Saw Cut With Weeds - Before & After
Concrete Caulking Expansion Joints - Before & After
Concrete sidewalk caulking before and after example

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Have More Concrete Caulking Questions?

We’ve got you covered with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about concrete caulking.

How long does concrete caulking take?

Concrete caulking as a standalone service usually takes a few hours to complete, depending on the size of the repair. It is often done at the same time as concrete leveling and/or cleaning and sealing services which can make the process more efficient.

How long after concrete caulking until I can use my concrete again?

We recommend waiting 24 hours before walking or driving over caulked concrete to let the caulk fully set.

How long does concrete caulking last?

Caulking can last months or years depending on where it was applied, the size of the opening, and the amount of natural movement in the joint or crack. Proper preparation and installation will help it last as long as possible.

Can concrete caulking be combined with other concrete repair services?

Yes, concrete caulking can be combined with other concrete repair services. In fact, we recommend caulking after most concrete leveling jobs to help cut down on water infiltration and erosion under the slab.

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Become a Concrete Repair and Maintenance Expert

Great-looking concrete starts with proper repair and maintenance.

Download this free guide to learn all about the different ways you can keep your concrete in good shape, including plenty of information about concrete leveling.


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