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Concrete Sealing to Preserve Your Concrete Surfaces

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that a high-quality sealer protects your concrete from the elements.

The Stakes

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Describe a Pain Point

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Concrete sealer

Don’t Leave Your Concrete Unprotected

Without a high-quality sealer defending your concrete, freeze-thaw cycles, moisture, UV rays, and more may cause:

  • Premature breakdown and damage like cracking, crumbling, pitting, and flaking
  • Hard-to-remove stains
  • Mold growth and built-up grime

Take Care of the Concrete You Have Now

New concrete is a big purchase, and not one you’d like to make often. Shielding the concrete you already have from the elements can extend its life and prevent you from having to replace it prematurely. Here at A-1, we’ve got your back with concrete maintenance needs like sealing.

How it works

Sealing Concrete With Penetrating Sealer

Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling, we use a high-quality penetrating concrete sealer to protect and preserve your concrete. Penetrating concrete sealer goes on clear and absorbs into the pores of your concrete.

It undergoes a chemical reaction that makes the concrete surface hydrophobic, or waterproof, which prevents water, salts, oil, stains, and more from being absorbed into the porous concrete, dramatically cutting down on surface damage and stains.


Hear from past A-1 Customers

Is Concrete Sealing With A-1 Right for You?

Getting a high-quality penetrating sealer applied to your concrete is a great choice if...


You want to protect your new or existing concrete

Concrete sealing is an important part of any concrete maintenance routine.


You want to slow the spread of existing damage

Sealing surface damage with a penetrating sealer can help prevent damage from worsening.


You don’t want to change the look of your concrete

Penetrating sealer does not change the look, texture, or tread of the cleaned concrete.

What Will Concrete Sealing Cost You?

Here you’ll find an estimated overview of pricing averages based on different concrete sealing situations. These prices do not include cleaning, which is required before the concrete can be sealed.

Sealed and Protected Concrete Is Easier Than You Think

Stop damage before it happens with these three simple steps:

You May be wondering...

Concrete Sealing FAQs

We’ve got you covered with answers to some of the most common questions about concrete sealing.

How long after concrete sealing until I can use my concrete again?

How long does penetrating concrete sealer last?

What does concrete look like after being sealed with penetrating concrete sealer?

Which is better: penetrating or topical concrete sealer?

Do you warranty concrete sealing?

Concrete Is a Big Investment — Protect It

Defend your concrete against damage and extend its life by sealing it with a high-quality sealer. Request a free onsite cost estimate now and an A-1 team member will get back to you within one business day.