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The Concrete Leveling ExpertsThe CONCRETE LEVELING EXPERTS!

A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair is the largest concrete leveling company in America. We didn’t get that way by chance. We know concrete, and have more experience bringing concrete back to its original location than any other company, period. [LEARN MORE]

The Art and Science of Concrete RepairThe Art & Science of Concrete Repair

There are more ways to repair concrete than ever. How do you decide which is best for your situation? Talk to the experts. From Stone Slurry Grout Leveling to Injection Foam Leveling, we have done it all, and we know when it’s right, and when you should steer clear of a specific process. [LEARN MORE]

The Green Concrete Leveling ChoiceThe Green Concrete Leveling Choice

A-1 Concrete Leveling is always striving to use best practices when it comes to the health of our planet. From the use of natural materials to keeping waste out of landfills, our sustainable processes are a great way to help leave a clean legacy to future generations. [LEARN MORE]

A-1 Concrete Leveling Solutions

A-1 Concrete Leveling - Stone Slurry Grout Leveling ImageStone Slurry Grout Leveling

Lifting concrete slabs with a limestone grout slurry creates a rock-solid sub-surface—effectively creating a new, stable base. This helps prevent settling in areas with freeze/thaw conditions.

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A-1 Concrete Leveling - Injection Foam Concrete Leveling ImageInjection-Foam Leveling

Polyurethane foam, used for years as an effective insulating product, is now being used for concrete leveling. It utilizes smaller injection holes, offers quick cure times, and holds its shape for many years.

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A-1 Concrete Leveling - Foundation Repair and Piering ImageFoundation Repair & Piering

Our exclusive, patented Quad Power Piering system enables A-1 to provide a permanent solution to foundation failures, leaning chimneys, bowed basement walls and sinking foundations.

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A-1 Concrete Leveling - Concrete Cleaning, Sealing & Caulking ImageConcrete Cleaning, Sealing, and Caulking

Water is the enemy of concrete, and many issues with settling and spalling of concrete can be minimized with the proper treatment and sealing of the concrete surface and caulking of cracks.

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250 Reviews - 5 out of 5 stars [READ MORE]

Recently we called A-1 Concrete Leveling and asked if someone could come out to quote us on lifting our front porch. The pitch of the porch was sloping towards our house and we needed the porch lifted and sloped the other way. When John came out to quote our job he told us that what we really needed to do was replace the porch. He throughly explained why he came to that conclusion and even though it wasn't information he wanted to deliver, he knew it needed to be done. He said that if he lifts the porch, it won't give us the result we want. Water may still run towards the house and at best he may be able to make the porch level but the water probably will not slope away from the house and run off the porch. To my surprise, A-1 does not replace concrete. He offered a referral but encouraged me to get some quotes from companies that replace concrete and can pour a new porch for us. John went above and beyond and what we appreciated the most was his honesty. Unfortunately, anymore there are way too many people that are looking to take your money instead of doing the right thing. John and A-1 are a class act!

- Karen Forbes from Cleveland East

The Concrete Leveling EXPERTS Blog

Blog - How to Level a Concrete Floor - Image

How to Level a Concrete Floor

Posted by Dale Pease - November 8, 2019, 4:25 PM

This guide will walk you through the definitions, pitfalls, and steps needed to level your concrete the right way. Before continuing, though, you must first determine if leveling is a solution that should be considered at all. Read More About How to Level a Concrete Floor »

Driveway Crack Repair Caulking Image


Posted by Dale Pease - October 9, 2019, 3:34 PM

When is it important to address those cracks and open expansion joints in your concrete driveway? Learn the steps that can, and should, be taken to help extend the life of your concrete and keep your home safe and beautiful for years to come. Read More About Driveway Crack Repair »