What Influences the Cost of Concrete Leveling?

By Sarah Etler - 3/15/23, 4:43 AM

Factors That Influence Concrete Leveling Pricing

The most important factors that influence the price of a concrete leveling project include:

  • Size of the repair
  • Complexity of the lift
  • Number of services needed

In the following sections, we’ll take a deep dive into these factors and look at how they can influence the overall cost of your concrete leveling project.

The Size of the Repair

It makes sense that the larger the area of repair, the more material and time will be needed to lift the sunken concrete slab back into place. More material means higher cost, while less material means lower cost.

How far a concrete slab has settled and the number of slabs that need to be leveled are what impact the size of a repair, and ultimately, its cost.

So, a concrete driveway with four full slabs that need leveling will be more expensive than a sidewalk with just one or two slabs.

How far has the concrete slab settled?

Typically uneven concrete slabs settle between 0.25 and 5 inches, but we’ve seen them settle up to a foot in rare cases. On the lower end, much less material is typically required to lift the uneven slab back to its original position than on the higher end.

For example, a section of sidewalk that has sunk 1 inch below its neighboring section will, in most cases, be less expensive to level than one that has sunk 5 inches.

How many concrete slabs need to be leveled?

While it may seem like only one piece of concrete is the problem, the surrounding slabs may need to be leveled as well. When one piece settles, its neighbors usually need a little lift to keep a consistent slope or grade in the area.

In this photo, you can see that while the stairs (#1) are obviously in need of a lift, slabs #2 and #3 will need to be lifted as well for a smooth transition. 

The Complexity of the Lift

While many concrete leveling jobs are straightforward and simple, there are times when multiple factors at play make it harder to complete the job and increase the overall complexity and cost. 

The number of problem points being addressed, physical obstacles, site accessibility, and nearby buildings, porches, or pools all play a role in making a concrete leveling repair more or less expensive. 

Number of Problem Points

As with most services, the more time something takes, the more expensive it becomes. Having an area with more problem points adds to how long the job will take, its complexity, and the overall cost of the repair.

For example, if you’re just in need of a level garage floor, your overall job cost will generally be much less than someone who also needs their driveway and front porch leveled.

Physical Obstacles

Sometimes complicated obstacles are hidden, like in the case of underground pipes and tree roots, and sometimes they are obvious, like porch or deck posts, A/C pads, or fences. 

If you have one or more of the following obstacles, the price of your concrete leveling repair will likely increase due to the extra attention needed to ensure a quality concrete lift:

  • Rails
  • Porch or deck posts
  • Fences
  • Freshly-poured concrete
  • Swimming pool coping
  • Curbing
  • Tree roots
  • Weight-bearing posts
  • A/C pads
  • Unconventional craftsmanship

Nearby Buildings, Pools, and Porches

When concrete slabs butt up against buildings, pools, or porches, the lift becomes more complex. While the majority of the time these jobs work out without a hitch, the cost does go up due to the delicate nature of the repair.

In the case of a house or other building, if the foundation has moved and is putting pressure on the slab that needs to be lifted, additional cutting or advanced leveling methods may be required to recover the slab. 

Pools and porches need a higher level of attention to ensure the surrounding walls aren’t damaged. The concrete leveling technicians assigned to these situations need to be more skilled and take additional time to ensure the lift is executed correctly.


Job sites that are harder to access also raise the price of concrete leveling. When crewmembers have to run their hoses through houses and buildings, drive through yards to get to the site, or take hills and slopes into account, it is reflected in the cost of concrete leveling.

The Number of Services Needed

In addition to concrete leveling, you can also have your concrete’s surface cleaned and sealed, and the cracks caulked. Constant cycles of freezing and thawing are not good for concrete, and these added services can protect your concrete against further water damage and ensure that it stays looking the way you want it to.

Caulking Breaks & Cracks

When water finds its way into cracks in concrete and freezes, it expands and worsens the break little by little. When left unchecked, the crack continues to grow with every freeze-thaw cycle.

To prevent the problem from worsening, the existing cracks can be sealed off with a special polymer caulk. 

Learn more about concrete caulking.

Cleaning & Sealing

Because concrete is a porous material, it absorbs water, which causes problems when freezing and thawing. Similar to the cracks in the concrete, the freeze-thaw cycles cause damage to the surface of the concrete, called spalling. 

To prevent surface damage from forming, the concrete can be pressure washed and sealed with a sealer that penetrates the concrete’s pores. This helps keep water out of the concrete and helps keep cracks and craters from forming. 

Learn more about concrete cleaning and sealing.

What's next?

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