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Foam Concrete Lifting Costs: Everything You Need To Know About Polyjacking Costs

January 4th, 2024 | 5 min. read

By Sarah Etler

Learn what you can expect to pay for foam concrete leveling and what influences the overall cost.

If you’ve heard about foam as a way to even out your concrete and eliminate those pesky trip hazards, you’re probably wondering whether this seemingly magical concrete leveling process fits within your budget.

While foam concrete leveling is typically the most expensive of the three methods out there, it can still save you quite a bit off the cost of total concrete replacement.

In this article, we’ll break down foam concrete lifting costs and what influences them, so you leave with an idea of what you can expect to pay.

Note: Foam concrete lifting is also commonly called polyjacking, poly leveling, foam concrete leveling, and more. We’ll refer to it as each throughout the article, but they’re all the same: lifting concrete with expanding foam injected under the slab.

How Much Does Foam Concrete Leveling Cost?

Below is an overview of the average high and low ranges for foam concrete lifting costs, but we’ll break down what each of these prices may look like in practice later on.

Service Low Range High Range

Sidewalk Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,015 $3,240

Garage Floor Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,215 $6,075

Porch Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,620 $8,100

Pool Deck Foam Concrete Leveling

$2,025 $5,940

Driveway Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,215 $5,670

Steps Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,335 $3,240

Patio Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,215 $4,725

Interior Floor Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,890 $8,100

AC Pad Foam Concrete Leveling

$1,015 $2,485

Note: For a general overview of all concrete leveling pricing and all methods compared side-by-side, check out this resource: The Ultimate Guide to Concrete Leveling Costs

Foam Concrete Lifting Cost Per Square Foot

Foam concrete lifting costs $5 to $25 per square foot, according to various sources across the web. 

However, square footage is not the best way to calculate how much foam concrete leveling will cost, and that’s why we don’t have an in-house answer to this question here at A-1 Concrete Leveling. 

How Concrete Leveling Costs Are Measured

Professionals typically consider the depth of voids beneath the slab and the required amount of lifting when determining the cost, not just the size of the settled slab’s surface area.

Deeper, larger voids and/or having to lift the slabs higher results in more material and time spent on the repair, and a higher cost (especially with the higher material costs of foam).

How Much Does Polyjacking Cost by Service Type?

Cost To Polyjack a Sidewalk

Poyjacking 2 to 6 sidewalk sections may run approximately $1,015 if the settling is within 2-3 inches and the sections aren’t severely tilted or leaning. 

For an entire sidewalk that requires lifting of 4 inches or more, has significant voids underneath, or is heavily tilted or twisted, the cost might reach around $3,240 on the higher side.

Cost To Polyjack a Garage Floor

For a small section of the garage that only requires slight lifting, the cost of foam concrete leveling may start around $1,215 on the lower side. 

For a larger 3 to 4-car garage that requires more substantial lifting to correct its position, the cost could reach around $6,075, or potentially higher.

Cost To Polyjack a Porch

The foam concrete lifting cost for a smaller porch (up to 165 square feet) might fall around $1,620 at the lower end. 

A larger or wrap-around style porch requiring a lift of 4 inches or more, or with a significant void underneath (6 inches or more), would be considered in the higher range, potentially costing around $8,100.

Cost To Polyjack a Pool Deck

Polyjacking one end or side of a pool deck (typically 4 to 6 concrete sections) might cost approximately $2,025

For an entire pool deck that includes connected patio sections requiring comprehensive repair, along with 6+ inch voids throughout, foam lifting costs could reach around $5,940, or possibly higher.

Note: Pool decks often have larger voids underneath compared to other similarly sized concrete areas, such as sidewalks or small patios, which may mean higher costs.

Cost To Polyjack a Driveway

Lifting 1 to 2 concrete driveway panels using foam might start at approximately $1,215 on the lower end of the cost spectrum. 

For an entire driveway needing extensive lifting or with larger voids underneath, the polyjacking costs could reach around $5,670. This cost could also potentially include a second horseshoe driveway.  

Cost To Polyjack Concrete Steps

Lifting a smaller set of steps, typically 2 to 4 steps requiring a lift of 2 to 3 inches, might cost around $1,335 when using foam. 

When polyjacking 6 or more steps that require significant lifting, the cost could amount to around $3,240.

Note: The adjoining sidewalk often requires concrete leveling as well to ensure a seamless transition to the steps, which can add to the overall cost.

Cost To Polyjack a Patio

Using foam concrete leveling on a small patio (100 to 150 square feet) that needs less than a 2-inch lift might cost approximately $1,215.

For a larger patio (~350 square feet or more) with significant voids underneath or that requires substantial lifting, the polyjacking cost could reach around $4,725.

Cost To Polyjack an Interior Floor

Polyjacking the floor in 1 to 2 rooms that require minimal lifting and without having to navigate around complexities like additional rooms or obstacles, might cost approximately $1,890.

Raising the floor with foam in 4 to 6 rooms with moderate lifting requirements and more complexities with navigating around the property, (like bypassing additional rooms, cabinetry, or bathrooms) could cost around $8,100.

Cost To Polyjack an A/C Pad

Lifting a small A/C pad with foam may cost around $1,015 if there’s easy access around the unit and minimal lifting is needed.

For a larger A/C pad with a bigger unit, larger voids, and limited working space, or that requires more substantial lifting, the cost could reach around $2,485 on the higher end.

Note: A/C pads are harder to lift with foam due to the added weight of the equipment sitting on top, which contributes to the overall higher cost. 

What Influences the Cost of Polyjacking?

The foam concrete lifting prices mentioned above are approximate ranges for you to get a ballpark idea of what foam leveling may cost for your unique situation. 

The final price for your foam leveling project will vary depending on many factors, but here is a brief list to get you started: 

  • Size

A large, deep void will require more time and foam to fill and lift than a small one, which means higher costs.

Also, while it may seem like only one slab is the problem, there may be multiple slabs that need to be lifted to achieve a properly transitioned, even grade, which also translates to higher costs.

  • Accessibility of Area

Whether or not your concrete is easy to access will also play a part in the pricing. Lifts in hard-to-reach areas or spaces with lots of obstacles to maneuver around will take more time, and end up costing you more.

  • Location

The cost of living in your area affects the cost of materials, labor, gas/fuel, and more. This causes the final price of foam concrete leveling to fluctuate from region to region, making it hard to put a one-size-fits-all price on this service.

Polyjacking vs. Mudjacking Cost

Typically, foam concrete leveling costs around 20-50% more compared to mudjacking or stone slurry grout leveling. This is due to the higher material costs associated with the synthetic foam.

For more details on choosing between mudjacking, polyjacking, and stone slurry grout concrete leveling check out this resource: The Types of Concrete Leveling Compared

Foam Concrete Leveling Cost FAQ

Can you DIY concrete lifting with foam?

It’s possible to DIY foam concrete lifting, but we generally recommend against it. Check out this article that talks more about concrete lifting foam DIYs in detail:

Concrete Lifting Foam (DIY): Will Canned Spray Foam Lift Concrete?

How long does foam concrete leveling last?

Foam concrete lifting can last for the life of the concrete itself, but only when done correctly in the first place and regularly maintained after the fact.

Related Resource: How Long Does Concrete Leveling Last?

What are some foam concrete leveling alternatives?

There are two other professional concrete leveling alternatives to polyjacking, and they both generally cost less:

Grinding down the trip hazards or uneven sections, or replacing the concrete altogether, are also some options to consider.

Related Resource: Concrete Leveling vs. Grinding vs. Replacement

How Much Will Foam Concrete Lifting Cost You?

The final cost of your foam concrete leveling project will depend on factors like the ones mentioned above, and you won't be able to get a truly accurate idea until a professional comes to inspect the area.

We recommend getting multiple estimates from different professionals to get an idea of the cost ranges in your area. If you’re not sure which questions to ask during estimates, here’s a resource to get you started: 13 Questions To Ask at Your Concrete Leveling Estimate

Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling, we offer foam concrete lifting in some locations, and stone slurry grout leveling in all of them. If you’re ready to see what either of these concrete leveling services can do for your home or business, click the link below to request a free onsite cost estimate!

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