Stone Slurry Grout Concrete Leveling

By Sarah Etler - 11/10/22, 3:03 PM

A-1 Concrete Leveling’s primary method of lifting concrete is stone slurry grout leveling.

Our primary goal is to bring your uneven concrete back to, as close as possible, the original condition it was in when it was poured. This means creating a rock-solid base for the concrete before lifting it back into place.

When new concrete is poured, the most common practice is to place a layer of crushed stone or river-rock as a base. Our crushed limestone grout mimics this process and gives your concrete a foundation that will allow it to last for years to come.

Stone slurry grout leveling is considered a “green” solution since the material used is simply pulverized stone and water.

The Stone Slurry Grout Concrete Leveling Process

1. Drill Holes

We drill one-inch holes (about the size of a quarter) in strategic locations in your concrete slab.

2. Lift the Slabs

Then we pump our stone slurry grout (pulverized limestone, mixed with water) under the slab, completely and evenly filling the void underneath. Once the void is filled, our expert technicians gently lift the slab, moving from hole to hole, until it is lifted back into place, and completely supported beneath.

3. Clean and Patch Holes

The concrete is then sprayed off, a non-shrink grout is placed into the holes, matching as closely as possible the original concrete.

Best Uses for Stone Slurry Grout Concrete Leveling

Even with changes in technology, and new techniques for leveling, for a high percentage of concrete leveling jobs, our stone slurry grout concrete leveling is still the best solution.

Our years of experience have shown us that nothing beats using stone to lift and stabilize concrete. So, for most applications, this will be our recommendation.

Job types that most benefit from stone slurry grout leveling include sidewalks, steps, porches, driveways, garage floors, pool decks, and even interior floors, depending on the situation.


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