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Concrete Cleaning for Dirty, Stained Surfaces

Get rid of built-up grime and pesky surface stains with professional concrete cleaning services.


Drab Concrete Is No Fun

Everything from oil leaks to fallen leaves can put your concrete up against these problems:


Damage Over Time

Mold and continuous grime build-up is harder to remove and can hurt concrete if not taken care of.


Bad Curb Appeal

Ugly stains and dull concrete can take away from your property's potential beauty. 


Worsening Stains

Not cleaning and maintaining your concrete regularly can make stains worse.

Don’t settle for subpar Surfaces

Save the Day With Clean Concrete

You deserve clean, fresh-looking concrete. Remove stuck-on dirt, debris, and more with A-1’s professional cleaning services to reveal your great-looking concrete underneath and enjoy the peace of mind knowing your concrete is properly maintained.

What Makes A-1 Different?

The Right Tools for the Job

Professional concrete cleaning equipment leaves your concrete looking great without being too rough and abrasive. Plus, the more efficient system gives great results in a fraction of the time.

Clean + Protect

Let Your Concrete Shine, and Seal It at the Same Time

Bundling concrete cleaning and sealing services can save you money and help protect your concrete against additional staining and damage from freeze-thaw cycles.


Hear From Past A-1 Customers

Is Concrete Cleaning Right for You?

You are a good candidate for professional concrete cleaning services if:


You Want Clean, Great-Looking Concrete

Cleaning your concrete can brighten your property and increase curb appeal.


You Have Dirty, Stained, or Dingy Concrete

Mold, stains, and built-up grime can be washed away with professional-grade power washers.


Your Concrete Is in Good Physical Shape

Concrete that isn’t too broken up, or the surface isn’t deeply pitted all over, is a great candidate for cleaning.

Average Concrete Cleaning Prices

What Will Concrete Cleaning Cost You?

Here you’ll find an estimated overview of pricing averages based on different concrete cleaning situations.

Concrete cleaning pricing depends on many factors, and can't be determined exactly until an A-1 expert has inspected the area. Learn more about pricing at the link below!

Squeaky-Clean Concrete Is Easy

Put stained and grimy concrete behind you with these simple steps:

You May Be Wondering...

Concrete Cleaning FAQs

We’ve got you covered with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about concrete cleaning:

How long does concrete cleaning take?

How often should I clean my concrete?

How soon can I clean new concrete?

Give Your Concrete The Refresh It Deserves

See how much better your concrete can look after a thorough clean. Request a free estimate and our team will get back with you within one business day.