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A-1’s Proven Process

Durable Concrete Leveling Made Easy

Enjoy peace of mind knowing your concrete is safe and looks great with A-1’s patented concrete leveling system.

Control is crucial

Avoid These Common Concrete Leveling Issues

Control is the name of the game when it comes to concrete leveling. Without a system designed to lift gradually and accurately, you could face these common problems.


Partially Filled Voids

Fast, pressurized systems can leave voids under the settled slabs and weaken the repair


Cracking or Future Settling

Pumping material too fast or hard can lead to pillars and unsupported sections of the slab


Over-Lifted Slabs

It’s easy to over-lift when you have little control over the pumping pressure or foam expansion

Step 1

Drill Small Holes

Once you approve your estimate, an A-1 crew comes out to address your uneven concrete. They begin by drilling ⅝″ - 1″ holes in the settled slabs so the limestone slurry can be pumped underneath.

*Note: In some cases, A-1 technicians may recommend foam concrete leveling, which is different from our patented limestone slurry grout leveling process.

Step 2

Pump It Up

The limestone slurry is then pumped through the holes at a low speed and pressure in order to completely fill the void, and lift gradually, rather than forcing the slab up too fast. 

A-1 technicians can vary the thickness of the limestone slurry, which means more control over how much the slab lifts and how much the voids under the slab are filled.

Step 3

Patch Drill Holes

After your concrete is lifted back up to the right spot, the drill holes are patched with non-shrink grout, blended in with the concrete, and left to cure.

Step 4

Clean and Enjoy

The all-natural and environmentally friendly limestone slurry is sprayed off and your concrete is ready to enjoy.

The A-1 Concrete Leveling system is all self-contained aboard a mid-size truck that doesn’t disturb landscaping or lawns and won’t harm driveways, making cleanup a breeze.


Don’t Settle for Less Control

Lift your concrete with confidence. Put worries of over-lifting slabs and under-filling voids behind you with A-1’s patented concrete leveling system.

Request a free onsite cost estimate now and our team will follow up with you within one business day.


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A-1 Process FAQs

We've got you covered with some of the most frequently asked questions about our process.

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Take Back Your Settled Concrete

Don’t let sunken slabs and trip hazards take control of your life. Put them in the past (where they belong!) and trust the experts to lift your concrete right.

Request a free onsite cost estimate now and our team will follow up within one business day.