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How much does concrete leveling cost in Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado?

February 14th, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Sarah Etler

Learn what you can expect to pay for concrete leveling services in Denver and Fort Collins.

If you’re in the Denver area and looking for a way to revitalize your settled or sunken concrete, lifting it up with concrete leveling may be just what you need. A-1’s Denver and Fort Collins locations provide safe, even concrete to customers all the way from Castle Rock to Ft. Collins. 

Cost is a significant factor for homeowners to consider when contemplating concrete leveling. At A-1, we understand that clear pricing information is critical in helping you determine whether this repair method is right for your home.

For that reason, we’ve created this guide to show you what to expect when it comes to concrete leveling costs in Denver and Fort Collins.

Concrete Leveling Price in Denver and Fort Collins, Colorado

Generally speaking, the cost of stone slurry grout concrete leveling in Denver and Fort Collins ranges from $495-$6,000. The average job cost in this area is typically around $850-$1500.

However, these are only ranges, and because each repair comes with its own set of unique variables, it’s impossible to put a definitive price on concrete leveling services without having an expert review the area.

Concrete Leveling Price Ranges in Denver and Ft. Collins (2024)

Here you’ll find the high and low ends of the pricing spectrum for A-1’s stone slurry grout leveling services in Denver and Fort Collins, broken down by repair type.

Service Low Range High Range

Walkway Concrete Leveling

$495 $2000

Garage Floor Concrete Leveling

$800 $5000

Porch Concrete Leveling

$700 $5000

Pool Deck Concrete Leveling

$1200 $5000

Driveway Concrete Leveling

$750 $4500

Steps Concrete Leveling

$550 $2800

Patio Concrete Leveling

$900 $4000

Interior Floor Concrete Leveling

$1200 $6500

AC Pad Concrete Leveling

$550 $1000

Pricing For Other Services

A-1 Denver and Fort Collins also provide other concrete repair and maintenance services that vary in pricing from the section above.

Service Pricing
Concrete Caulking $8.50 per linear foot

Pressure washing + concrete sealing 

$1.40 per square foot

HOA and Commercial Sidewalks

$100 per panel, $50 per Cut
$7.50 per linear foot of caulking

Foundation Repair

$2500 for first pier, $1500 per pier after

What influences the price of concrete leveling in Denver and Ft. Collins?

The size of the repair and the complexity of the lift are big factors that play an important role in the overall price of concrete leveling in this area. 

The number of settled panels that must be leveled is a key factor in determining price, as well. While it may seem like only one panel is the problem, a lot of the time, more than one panel must be adjusted to reach an even surface or grade. 

In many cases, if only the settled concrete slab is lifted, it may leave trip hazards or make the adjacent panels look off. 

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Foam Leveling Costs in Denver and Fort Collins

Here at A-1 Denver and Fort Collins, we primarily use a dense, pulverized limestone slurry grout in our concrete leveling process. However, we will use foam leveling depending on the situation, like for filling large voids and if the concrete is in perfect condition.

It’s important to note that because polyurethane foam is an expensive chemical, it costs more to perform this type of repair than limestone slurry grout leveling. There are also additional downsides to foam leveling, like that it is harder to control the lifting of the slab, and if the slab cracks, there are additional costs involved.

How much will your concrete leveling repair cost?

The ranges and prices listed in this article are meant to provide you with an idea of what to expect when it comes to concrete leveling prices in Denver and Fort Collins, but depending on your repair situation, the prices could be higher or lower.

Every repair is different and comes with its own unique set of variables. Without having an expert review the area, it’s impossible to predict exactly how much your concrete leveling repair will cost.

If you’d like to know exactly what concrete leveling will cost you, click the link below to request a free onsite estimate with a member of the A-1 Denver or Fort Collins team!

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