Lift Your Settled Concrete with A-1 Concrete Leveling

Eliminate trip hazards and restore the look of your concrete without the need for replacement.

Great-Looking Concrete in 4 Simple Steps

Step 1: Drill Small Holes

Holes are drilled in strategic locations around the settled slab

Step 2: Pump It Up

Leveling compound is injected under the slab to raise it back up to even

Step 3: Patch Drill Holes

After concrete is lifted, drill holes are patched with non-shrink grout

Step 4: Clean and Enjoy

Concrete is sprayed off and area cleaned up; ready for you to enjoy

When is concrete leveling the right solution?

Good Fit for Concrete Leveling

  • Interior and exterior settled concrete slabs
  • Concrete that is in relatively good condition
  • When cost is an important factor

Bad Fit for Concrete Leveling

  • Crumbling or heavily cracked slabs
  • Surface deterioration
  • Goal of smoothing out surface texture
Tape Measure on Concrete Trip Hazard

Concrete Leveling Applications

Click below to learn more about how concrete leveling can help with your specific needs.

Average Concrete Leveling Prices

Concrete leveling can save up to 70% off the cost of replacement. Here you’ll find an estimated overview of pricing averages based on different concrete leveling situations.

Basic Concrete Leveling Repair


3-5 sinking sidewalk panels with minimal cracking and settling

Large Concrete Leveling Repair


Garage floor with 3-5 inches of settling, or 5-8 driveway sections

Extensive Concrete Leveling Repair


Multiple complicated areas around the property

Concrete leveling pricing depends on many factors, and can't be determined exactly until an A-1 expert has inspected the area. Learn more about pricing at the link below!

Concrete Leveling Before & After

Concrete Sidewalk Leveling Before and After
Concrete Steps Leveling Before and After
Concrete Driveway Leveling Before and After

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Have More Concrete Leveling Questions?

We’ve got you covered with the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about concrete leveling.

How long does concrete leveling take?

Most concrete leveling repairs are done in less than a day, but larger jobs, like garages, pools, or porches, may take between 1-3 days.

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How long after concrete leveling can I use my concrete again?

After a concrete leveling repair, you’ll need to avoid vehicle traffic or heavy equipment on the concrete for the first 24 hours. You can walk on the concrete during this time, but you shouldn’t touch or disturb the drill holes as they need 24 hours to fully dry.

​How long does a concrete leveling repair last?

As long as the soil under the concrete has finished settling and there is nothing eroding away the concrete leveling repair, concrete leveling can last for the life of the concrete itself.

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Which concrete leveling method is best: stone slurry grout, foam, or mudjacking?

Each of these concrete leveling methods comes with its own unique benefits and downsides. While here at A-1 we only perform stone slurry grout and foam concrete leveling, we know that mudjacking can be a good repair method in some situations.

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Concrete Maintenance Repair Guide book Graphic

Become a Concrete Repair and Maintenance Expert

Great-looking concrete starts with proper repair and maintenance.

Download this free guide to learn all about the different ways you can keep your concrete in good shape, including plenty of information about concrete leveling.


Take Back Your Settled Concrete

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with even, great-looking concrete, and leave trip hazards and bad curb appeal behind you.

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