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Concrete Leveling Costs: The Complete Guide

Posted by Dale Pease - September 12, 2019, 9:55 AM

Wondering how much it will cost to have your concrete leveled? Costs can vary depending on a number of factors, such as where you live, the type of leveling you need, and the nature of your problem, just to name a few.

In this brief guide, we’ve laid out a few points to consider regarding what you should expect to pay for concrete leveling and how the value of getting the job done right far outweighs the costs that come with poor quality work.

Concrete Leveling Basics

Before we jump in, let’s just take a few seconds to cover the basics of concrete leveling. 

Sometimes called mudjacking, concrete leveling returns uneven concrete to its original level position without the cost of pouring new concrete. 

In its simplest form, the void under your slab is filled with a limestone grout slurry mixture, which in turn lifts the concrete into its correct place. It’s safe and effective for many applications, and in most cases, it can be completed in a matter of hours. (Check out our in-depth guide to the process of concrete leveling here if you want to learn more.)

How concrete leveling works

Concrete leveling is a perfect solution for areas that are sunken or slumping due to settling or a gap under the concrete. Leveling can also be used to fix slabs that are raised due to pressure from underneath it, such as a tree root. In these situations, rather than removing and replacing the raised slab, concrete leveling can be used to slightly raise the slabs around it, creating a gentle, even slope.

Concrete leveling can be used to repair a variety of concrete surfaces, including sidewalks, patios, pools, driveways, steps, porches, garage floors, and interior slabs.

Cost of Concrete Leveling vs. Replacement

Experienced professional concrete levelers can typically save you between 50% to 70% of the cost of tearing out and replacing your concrete.

This massive cost difference makes sense considering everything that goes into an expensive replacement project:

  • Demolition
  • Debris removal and disposal
  • Pouring
  • Finishing
  • Materials and labor

There’s also a significant difference in the time it takes to repair concrete versus replacing it. Concrete replacement can take days between when the project starts and when the new concrete is cured. By contrast, concrete leveling, when done right, can be completed and ready for use in just a few hours.

In addition to everything that goes into the price of a project, it’s also important to note that the way concrete replacement is priced is typically very different than a concrete leveling project. Most concrete replacement is priced according to ease-of-access and the square footage of concrete. Concrete leveling, on the other hand, is usually priced more holistically, taking all the factors we’re discussing here into consideration to arrive at a final price.

Lastly, be aware of the common hidden costs that come along with many concrete replacement projects, such as reseeding or re-landscaping a portion of your yard, fixing drainage issues, etc. Be sure to anticipate all of these additional costs when considering the most cost-effective solution.

DIY vs. New Service Providers vs. Experienced Pros

While fixing small cracks might fall under what’s possible for a DIY project, repairing large, heavy slabs of concrete takes special equipment, knowledge, and material that put it outside of what’s possible for most handy home or business owners.

What’s more, trying to go it alone with a project like this can backfire big-time. All too often, those who try to do it themselves end up breaking the concrete or make the problem worse by using jacks that don’t properly distribute the weight or pouring the wrong type or amount of material underneath.

Getting it wrong and having to replace your concrete can end up costing you much more than what you otherwise would have paid for professional leveling, so it’s almost never recommended.

Hiring a newer service provider brings its own risks. Many more recently-established leveling companies charge more for leveling services, claiming their technology is superior. This is particularly common among the many “foam-only” levelers that have sprung up over the last few years. While it’s true that polyurethane foam is a relatively new material for concrete leveling, it’s not the superior “one-size-fits-all” solution it’s made out to be in order to justify the higher price.

In fact, despite the cost difference between limestone grout and foam, both materials will often produce similar quality results. In situations where one is better than the other, less-expensive limestone grout is actually more often the ideal material as it offers a more even spread, provides more control over the lift, and gives levelers more options during injection.

Here are a few valuable advantages established leveling professionals have over newer providers or budget alternatives:

  • General experience: No two concrete leveling projects are exactly the same. As a result, leveling professionals need to be able to properly diagnose the nature of your specific situation to prescribe the right leveling solution. Again, it’s very easy to get concrete leveling wrong (and make the problem worse) if the person doing it doesn’t have expertise informed by firsthand experience.
  • Ability to anticipate complications: Complicating factors are common in concrete leveling projects, and often separate budget contractors from experienced professionals in terms of their quality of work and value they provide. Professionals with years of experience know how to anticipate these complications ahead of time. This helps them identify them when they get to the site and adjust their services accordingly. By contrast, budget contractors who lack extensive experience often make reckless assumptions about the nature of a problem, leading them to similarly reckless solutions. This often results in quick patches that don’t address the real causes of a given problem. 
  • Material knowledge: Concrete leveling materials are not one-size-fits-all. Experienced leveling professionals come equipped with an entire “toolbox” of materials that they draw from based on their expert assessment. Many newer providers, on the other hand, apply the same material (concrete foam) whether or not it’s actually going to solve the problem. This is one area where poor judgment could mean extra costs for you, both upfront for unnecessarily expensive materials and down the road when the problem presents itself again.

Learn more about recommended uses for concrete foam »

Project-Specific Cost Factors

While it’s impossible to say with certainty how much a certain concrete leveling project will cost without an evaluation, there are some factors that can make the job more difficult or time-consuming, and might affect the price accordingly:

  • Void or gap size: In short, the more space that needs to be filled, the more a project will cost in time and materials.
  • Access: If the concrete is over 200-250 feet from where a professional’s truck can be positioned, it can require additional time and equipment, thus raising the price. Access can also be complicated when the area of work is, for example, directly next to a house, or underneath another structure.
  • Broken concrete: Cracks and other breakage are one of the most common complications we referred to earlier. Depending on the nature of this damage, a professional may need to make important decisions about how and where to pump.

Summary & Next Steps

While there are many variables that affect the price of a concrete leveling repair project, savvy home and business owners should keep a few things in mind when considering repair versus replacement and who to turn to for professional, high-value results:

  • Concrete repair, leveling or otherwise, is nearly always less expensive than concrete replacement. Here at A-1, we can typically save you between 50% to 70% of the cost of tearing out and replacing your concrete.
  • Concrete leveling is almost never recommended as a DIY project and the cost savings of most budget contractors isn’t worth the value of getting the job done right from an experienced professional service provider. Make sure any professional you hire has been in business for a long time.
  • Some complicating factors can affect the price of your project. Plan for higher costs if you have large gaps, difficult access to the area, or broken concrete.

A-1 Concrete Leveling specializes in residential and commercial concrete leveling services for concrete slabs, patios, pools, sidewalks, driveways, streets, steps, foundations, garages, warehouses, and more. 

  • The largest concrete leveler in America
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  • Often up to 70% off the cost of replacement
  • All our leveling is covered under a multi-year warranty
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  • Supported by our National A-1 Franchise Network
  • No job is too large or too small
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions
  • A-1 is a fully insured contractor
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  • Patented, state-of-the-art concrete leveling equipment

Find your concrete leveling need below and learn more about how we can provide the highest quality service available. Want to get started right now? Find the A-1 professional nearest you.


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