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Prepare Your Property For Concrete Leveling

October 17th, 2022 | 2 min. read

By Sarah Etler

Prepare for your concrete repair with these five assumptions we make about your property before performing concrete leveling work.

A-1 Concrete Leveling is passionate about making sure you get a concrete repair outcome that you’re happy with, and that goal begins with having the area prepped and ready to go for the work ahead.

With this in mind, this article will walk you through a list of 5 things we assume about your property before we show up to do a concrete repair, so that you can make sure everything is in order for a smooth repair before the big day.

1. Water is available & spigot doesn’t leak

Water is a crucial part of our concrete leveling process, as it’s one of the three ingredients in our environmentally-friendly concrete leveling compound, so it’s important that we have access to a well-functioning water spigot while leveling concrete.

Water spigot on side of house spewing water

When we arrive at your home for a concrete leveling repair, we hook our hoses to your water spigot and get to work mixing up the leveling compound to then be pumped under your settled slabs. If there is no available water during the repair, there will likely be an extra charge added for bringing our own to the site, which also can slow down work.

It is especially important to check your spigot after winter, or a hard freeze, to make sure you didn't develop cracks in your water lines inside the house, and to make sure the spigot is turned back on if it was shut off for the winter season.

2. Electrical outlets are available & to code

To level concrete, we first drill strategic holes in the slab where we then pump the leveling compound to lift it. During some repairs, we also use concrete saws or grinders to strategically cut or grind the concrete down. 

Our tools are rated for use with normal outdoor plugs, but in some cases, a circuit breaker may be tripped during the process. 

Hammer drill drilling a hole into a concrete slab

This is easily fixed at your home’s breaker box, and if your electrical is to code, there should be no issues with outlets.

It’s very important that we have access to well-functioning electrical outlets, that are installed to code, in order to use our tools to get the repair done safely and efficiently.

3. Crew will have space to work

Our concrete leveling process is performed by experienced professionals, but even then, sometimes distractions can impact the speed or quality of work. Allowing the leveling technicians to have adequate space and access to the repair site while respecting their concentration on the repair at hand can make all the difference.

While it’s true that the concrete leveling crew needs space to perform the job well, we encourage you to watch from a distance. We are a little biased, but we think the process is really cool!

4. Furniture, rugs, and decorations are out of the way

In order to ensure we have proper access to the repair site, it’s important that all furniture and decor items are moved away from where the work will be done. While concrete leveling is safe and non-invasive, we also want to make sure that none of your personal belongings get harmed during the leveling process.

5. Pets are inside or kept away from the job site

Although the concrete leveling compound itself is safe for pets, the unfamiliar noises and crew members may be stressful for them. Making sure they are kept inside or away from where the work is being done will help keep your furry friends comfortable and our crew members safe.

Cute dog looking out the window of a house

Now what?

Now that you know a little more about what we will expect at the time of your repair, you can be prepared ahead of time for your concrete transformation.

Before your concrete leveling appointment, make sure you have these five things ready to go, and you’ll be one step closer to safe, level concrete.

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Sarah Etler

Sarah Etler joined A-1 Concrete Leveling after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Northern Kentucky University. As A-1's Content Marketing Manager, she works closely with industry experts to produce content that will best answer questions related to concrete repair and maintenance practices. Sarah loves living a life full of discovery and is excited every day to see what new things she can learn and share with those around her.