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How Long Does Stone Slurry Concrete Leveling or Foam Jacking Last?

Done right, both methods used to level concrete will last years, often as long as the life of the slab. There are definitely benefits to each method, but how long the repair lasts has more to do with making sure the original cause of the sinking concrete has been addressed.

Causes of Sinking Concrete

The primary cause of sinking concrete is water erosion, or soil compaction due to water penetration and the freeze/thaw cycle. Once A-1 Concrete Leveling has been called in this process has usually been going on for a number of years. One of the first things our sales reps will do is look for the direct cause of your issue. This can be grading issues, causing water to flow toward your slab, or it can be downspouts that are improperly directed. It can also be wide cracks or seams between the slabs that allow water to flow underneath. Our sales reps and technicians will typically recommend steps you can take to solve these issues, so the problem doesn’t appear again in the future. Oftentimes this might include adding soil around the slab or adjusting downspouts to direct the water away from the concrete. Or, possibly, caulking the cracks and seams to force the water off the slab instead of beneath it.

How Long Does Concrete Leveling, or Foam Jacking Last?

Foam Jacking vs. Stone Slurry Concrete Leveling

There are some, less experienced contractors, who will claim that foam is the better solution for a long-lasting fix. But in our 30 plus years of experience with concrete leveling, this isn’t the case. They will say that the foam sticks to the concrete, so it can’t be washed away as limestone slurry can. The problem with this line of thinking is, there is always soil underneath at some point. Even if the foam sticks to the concrete, if the water issue has not been addressed, it will simply wash the soil under the foam away, resulting in the same issues.

Stone slurry grout will create a more solid, densely-packed foundation than foam, and also more fully fill the void beneath the slab because it will continue to fill the void until it’s completely full. That is the only way it will achieve lift. On the other hand, foam achieves lift by a chemical reaction which expands the foam, and can create lift even with large air pockets still remaining.

There are cases where foam is the best option, and our experienced team will recommend this option in those cases. But, how long the concrete leveling repair will last has very little to do with the method used.

In summary,  the answer to the question, “How long does stone slurry concrete leveling or foam jacking last?” has more to do with the company you choose to conduct the repair than the method used to level the concrete. Trust the experienced team at A-1 Concrete Leveling to find the right solution for you, and create a long-lasting fix, that will give you safe and beautiful concrete for years to come.


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Cody Haney
267 Reviews - 5 out of 5 stars [READ MORE]

The guys did a awesome job lifting our big patio that had sank. They were on time the office lady was very vice and answered the phone and my emails I think the review that said they didn't is b.s. I've had several friends and family use A-1 and all of them were very pleased with the work that was done

- Rusty Shackleford from Lansing MI