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What is Poly Leveling/Foam Concrete Leveling?

Poly leveling, poly jacking, or injection foam leveling are all terms to describe another type of slab jacking or concrete leveling that has seen a rise in popularity over recent years. Instead of natural soil, or pulverized limestone materials, poly leveling uses an expanding polyurethane foam which was originally used for insulation purposes.

There are some applications where poly leveling may be the best solution, and some of our locations actually offer injection foam leveling as one tool in their toolbelt, but for most cases, our stone slurry grout leveling process is going to achieve superior results, at a fraction of the cost of foam leveling. Take a look at this guide before deciding which concrete leveling process is right for you. Especially if a foam-only company is trying to sell you a long list of superior qualities of foam over grout leveling.

Benefits of Poly Leveling/Foam Injection Concrete Leveling

There are two primary benefits of foam leveling over limestone grout leveling: hole size, and cleanliness during the leveling process.

Hole Size

Most foam leveling systems use a 5/8" hole. This is smaller than our limestone grout leveling system, which uses a 1" hole. If hole size, is your primary concern, this may be an option for you. This might especially be true if you have a stamped pattern in your concrete and want to minimize any disruption in the overall look of the concrete. Both systems still require patching, and over time both systems' holes will be almost imperceptible. So, this may not really be much of a concern.

Jobsite Cleanliness

Because of the nature of the process, foam leveling can be a cleaner process than limestone grout leveling. If your project is in a high-traffic area, that can't be closed down during the job, then foam leveling might be a better solution. A-1 has used foam leveling inside grocery stores, and hospitals when cleanliness was the most important factor. Rest assured, this only applies to the actual time our crew is on the job, pumping up your concrete. After the job is complete, no matter what process is used, A-1 will clean up the area and in most cases return it to a cleaner state than it was before.

The Poly Level/Foam Injection Leveling Process

The process of leveling with foam is very similar to our typical limestone slurry grout leveling process. First holes are drilled in strategic locations, then a two-part foam is pumped beneath the slab to lift it back in place. Where foam leveling varies from limestone grout leveling is in the actual mechanism that lifts the concrete. With grout leveling, the void is filled completely, and then the pressure of new grout being pumped beneath the slab does the lifting. With foam, it is actually the chemical reaction between the two parts when they combine that creates expanding foam. This expansion is what does the lifting.

Because of this, it takes a definite level of skill to lift the concrete correctly. The technician needs to be very aware of how much foam they are injecting into the void under the slab, and how much expansion will occur. This is really where our years of experience can come into play. A-1 professionals know how concrete moves. It doesn't matter if we are using foam or grout, we have a very good idea how much it will move, and what it takes to get there.

Cost of Foam Injection Concrete Leveling

There are many factors that go into determining the cost of a concrete leveling job. The size of the area to be lifted. The amount the concrete slab has sunk. And, the size of the void underneath the slab. This last one can be the hardest to determine, but they all come into play when coming up with a cost estimate. Our sales associates have been looking at sunken concrete slabs for years, sometimes decades, and are very good at figuring all these variables out.

One of the biggest areas where foam falls short over our grout leveling is with the price. For our limestone slurry grout leveling, you can typically expect to see savings over replacement of the concrete up to 70%. The cost of materials for foam can be significantly higher, so these savings can drop dramatically. Most of the time, it is still less expensive to lift and repair a concrete slab with foam, than it would be to tear it out and pour new concrete, but the savings aren't nearly as substantial as they are with grout leveling.

Why Use A-1 for Poly Leveling Your Concrete?

As America's Concrete Leveling Experts, A-1 technicians have the experience needed to get concrete slabs lifted and leveled the best it can be, every time. Unlike foam-only concrete levelers, A-1 Concrete Leveling is constantly evaluating the best method for concrete repair, for each particular situation. We are never going to try to sell you on an inferior solution, just to get the sale. You will hear the pros and cons of each solution, and then you can make an informed decision.

When it comes to foam concrete leveling, we want you to be fully educated. Foam is absolutely the best solution for certain types of jobs. And our experienced sales associates and technicians know when to use foam, and when not to. So, you know when you call A-1 Concrete Leveling for your job, you will get the right answer to your problem, every time.

A-1 Concrete Leveling is the Best Solution for Injection Foam Concrete Leveling

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