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Does Concrete Leveling Harm Trees, Lawns, or Landscaping?

October 12th, 2022 | 2 min. read

By Sarah Etler

If you have a beloved tree, a well-manicured lawn, or a freshly-planted flower bed, the last thing you want is a concrete repair tearing up what your green thumb has spent time and money sowing.


Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling, we know how important it is to keep your trees, lawn, and landscaping looking great while also taking care of the problems you have with your concrete.

Our concrete leveling process keeps this in mind, and we do everything we can to ensure your plants aren’t harmed in the making of level concrete.

This article will cover some of the frequently asked questions about concrete leveling and landscaping.

Does concrete leveling hurt trees?

No, concrete leveling is completely safe to use around trees, and it won’t stop their roots from growing. In fact, if tree roots are what’s making your concrete surface uneven, it may become unlevel again in the future as the root continues to grow and push up against the slab.

Does concrete damage landscaping?

No, all the work for concrete leveling is done from the surface of the concrete itself, so there’s no need to disturb flower beds, grass, gardens, or landscaping to get the job done. 

The tools and equipment used for lifting your concrete are small and non-invasive, so you don’t have to worry about your yard being torn up, either.

What material is used for concrete leveling, and is it safe?

At A-1 Concrete Leveling, we use a crushed limestone mixture as the primary method to lift your settled concrete. The only ingredients in the leveling compound are pulverized limestone, water, and sometimes Portland Cement, depending on the needs of the repair. 

Our leveling compound is completely safe for use around plants, grass, trees, and landscaping. In fact, its main ingredient is commonly used as a soil amendment to support healthy plant growth.

How do you clean up after concrete leveling?

After the repair is finished, our A-1 Concrete Leveling crew members will wash down the area and any remaining leveling compound with water. Because the limestone mixture is environmentally friendly and made from 100% natural materials, there’s no risk to plants or pets.

Now what?

Now that you’ve gotten a grasp on how concrete leveling works well with trees and landscaping, you’re ready to decide if it’s an option worth exploring for your settled concrete.

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Sarah Etler

Sarah Etler joined A-1 Concrete Leveling after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Northern Kentucky University. As A-1's Content Marketing Manager, she works closely with industry experts to produce content that will best answer questions related to concrete repair and maintenance practices. Sarah loves living a life full of discovery and is excited every day to see what new things she can learn and share with those around her.