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Review: Awesome Crew


A-1 was wonderful to work with, even with the crazy weather delays. Cathel and Trystan are an awesome crew, polite, professional and very knowledgeable. Very pleased with their work and attention to detail and clean up. Would highly recommend.

Review: One Satisfied Customer!


An extremely professional crew that takes pride in their work. This team was a joy to work with and the finished product (driveway leveling and crack sealing) was A+ Excellent. Do yourself a favor and hire these guys!!!

Review: Excellent company!


Excellent work! Very timely and easy to work with.

Review: Concrete Leveling


Front porch was settling because it was not pined to the foundation (bad builder) causing stress on the roof line (covered patio) and water pooling towards foundation. Raised porch to original height sealed around the stucco joint applied washed sand to the holes, only I can see them because I watched them do it. Saved a ton of money over replacement, not to mention the headache of replacing it. Honest company fair price, left no mess!

Review: Outstanding company with knowledgeable and professional staff!


Needed to have my new driveway and patio caulked and sealed. Eric did an outstanding job explaining my options and he provided a detailed and competitive quote. Jill was extremely courteous and friendly on the phone and she kept me informed of the planned schedule of events. The work was completed in a quality and timely manner. The crew doing the work was friendly and knowledgeable and cleaned up thoroughly when the job was finished. Eric followed up afterwards to answer my questions and make sure I was satisfied which I was! I highly recommend this company if you have any concrete work that needs done. You won't be disappointed!

Review: Great job!


I had my driveway slabs leveled and caulked by A-1. They did an excellent job. The technicians were thorough and efficient. I would highly recommend this company.

Review: Great work - Step Repair


Did a great job on the stacked stairs leading to my house. Stairs had dipped down about 1-2” and they were able to level them back up to the original location - they look great! Not only did the crew stay on schedule during the day the work was being done, they were able to complete the job two days earlier than originally planned. This is my second time using A-1 for different projects and each time the completed jobs solved my needs to my expectations. They are a knowledgeable and professional crew. I have recommended this company to people I know and will continue to do so. Great work!

Review: Continued Service and Prompt Response


We first used them in 2016 to make some repairs on our front door steps that were cracking/splitting and driveway that was starting to sink. Called them when we noticed one of our front door steps cracking and lifting where they repaired it in 2016 and they came promptly at 10:00am on 12 Mar and took care of the step with new grout/caulking and touched up two other areas that were starting to show some sinking and shrinkage free of charge. Eric also provided some pointers with shoveling the snow we've received and drainage to ensure the ground doesn't continue to hold water and contribute to the issues he noticed with the driveway. Very professional.

Review: Highly Recommend


Working with A-1 Concrete Leveling is a breeze. Their knowlegeable and timely and the work is always of high quality. Strongly recommend!

Review: A1 is on the level


Our patio was sinking towards our foundation and pushing rain water into a basement window well. A1 did a great job of leveling the patio and correcting the situation. The employees were experienced and knew what they were doing. I would highly recommend this company.

Review: This company is the BEST!


A1 is amazing!! These guys saved the day for us!! 3 days before my sellers were to close on their home we found out the appraisal was requiring a crack on the front steps to be repaired. Everyone in town was booked as well as A1 but they hurried over to the house after they finished their last job for the day and they pulled off an incredible job faster than we could blink and the house closed on the day it was originally meant to! They went WAY above and beyond for us and we are so grateful. Erick and Jill were wonderful, Thank you thank you thank you!!

Review: A1's Work Stands the Test of Time


About 15 years ago, A1 raised the steps going up to our front door (we have 17 concrete steps) and the arch that is over some of those steps. The raising has held all these years, and we were and are extremely pleased with A1 and its people. We appreciate you, A1!


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