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When is Concrete Grinding a Good Solution?

Concrete Grinding is typically what we would call a last best option before tearing concrete out and repouring it. We would typically recommend concrete grinding for jobs where we just can’t lift and level the concrete using our other methods. Some cases might include when you have a tree root lifting sections of concrete, and you can’t bring other slabs up enough to meet it. Or if a slab is pinned to another structure, like a house foundation, or curb.

Concrete Grinding removes the finished surface of concrete and can leave the slab more vulnerable to water penetration, and oftentimes it doesn’t truly eliminate the trip hazard. It is important to note that once concrete grinding is used, there really is no other solution that can be applied to the problem. It eliminates the possibility of other leveling methods. If it doesn’t solve the problem completely, the only option is to tear out and replace the concrete slab.

Let the experts at A-1 Concrete Leveling help you determine the best approach to fixing your uneven concrete issues. We would typically recommend that we level the concrete by pumping it up from underneath, but if, as a last resort, concrete grinding is needed, we can help there as well.

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