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Meet the A-1 Concrete Leveling Denver North Team

The team at A-1 Concrete Leveling Denver North is dedicated to delivering unequaled results. We focus on the customer experience through every step of the process. From that initial phone call, through job completion and beyond, we want to earn not only your business but your satisfaction with a job well done.

Our team is highly trained in concrete leveling with both stone slurry grout, and injection foam methods. We know why concrete settles, and how best to fix it. When you work with Denver North, you don’t have to wonder if you’re going to get the best possible job. And you definitely don’t have to worry that we are going to try to push something on you that isn’t right for your situation.

When it comes to concrete leveling, A-1  Concrete Leveling Denver North CO is a name you can trust.

The A-1 Denver North Team

Mike Komp - Owner

Mike can be found in nearly every aspect of the business. As the owner of the Denver & Fort Collins locations, he is the one you might see when you request a free estimate. Or, you might just find him on the back of a truck making sure your job is getting the attention it deserves.

John Komp - Administrator/Foreman

John can usually be found up in the Ft. Collins area. He's just as likely to show up to your door for your free estimate, as he is to be at the end of a hose, leveling your driveway. When it comes to concrete leveling, you could say it's in his blood.


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Called and set appointment. Company was on time, Explained all steps, Did the job, and Cleaned up when finished. Gary the Sales Rep was very helpful, as well Techs ..Benjamin and Rusty. They were very Polite, Knowledgeable, and Professional. I would Highly Recommend this Company. Could't be Happier.

- Bill L Rendek from Westminster, Colorado