If you have uneven or sunken sections of your driveway, you've got options other than tearing it out and replacing it. A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend can raise and level your driveway with minimal downtime.

A-1 Concrete Leveling lifts and levels driveways using our environmentally friendly limestone grout. This creates a rock-solid base that keeps the drive level and safe for years to come.

Concrete driveway maintenance is often overlooked, which can result in the need for serious and expensive repairs. A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend can help ensure a firm foundation to help prevent sinking, cracking, and the need to replace concrete driveways, while also eliminating unsafe conditions and enhancing the appearance of your home or business.

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Concrete Driveway Restoration & Preservation

Concrete driveway slabs can present a variety of problems over time due to soil settling. A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend can correct sunken slabs before they crack, or repair them after they crack, extending the existing driveway’s life for many years without the need for replacement.

“If we're leveling a driveway, I like to make sure there are no offsets in the driveway: It's a smooth surface again.”

— Brad Royer, General Manager, A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend

Concrete Driveway Leveling Cost

Looking at what can be a large expanse of concrete, may make you think it's going to be too expensive to repair your out-of-level concrete driveway, but fixing your driveway doesn't have to break the bank. Contact us today for a free estimate so you can find out just how affordably you can get your driveway repaired.


Driveways can sink for a number of reasons, but most of the time water is the culprit. Oftentimes, downspouts will pour water onto or beside a home in an area with poorly filled and compacted soil, especially clay. Another common issue is poorly filled and compacted soil next to the garage foundation. Other times, frost will cause the soil underneath concrete to expand and contract, resulting in heaving and unlevel slabs.

"With certain types of soil, we have to watch for erosion issues, so we have to be very careful of water flow."

— Brad Royer, General Manager, A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend

When A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend discovers the causes, we will know just what to recommend to fix the uneven concrete, while offering suggestions on how to minimize any issues in the future.

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Concrete Driveway Leveling Examples

A-1 levels dozens of driveways every week across our nationwide locations. Take a look at some examples below of before and after photos to get a sense of what we can accomplish.

Concrete Driveway Apron Leveling and Repair in South Bend

The second most common area A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend repairs are driveways, and one of the issues we most often see is driveways sinking at the apron where they meet the garage. This is often due to poor backfill around the garage footer when it was built.

Concrete Driveway Leveling South Bend - Before

The concrete driveway apron is down pretty much the same all the way across. This is a perfect example of a situation where the ground fill around the garage foundation wasn't filled and compacted correctly.

Concrete Driveway Leveling South Bend - After

A-1 South Bend was able to bring the driveway back up to level across the entire length of the garage. We also used a flexible caulk to fill in the joints between the drive and garage to keep water from getting under the slab and causing more damage down the road.

Concrete Driveway Leveling and Repair

Driveways can get uneven for many different reasons. Some will have slabs that seem to move independently of each other even in the middle of the drive. A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend can level these slabs and bring them all even with each other.

Concrete Driveway Repair South Bend - Before

Even concrete slabs like this can be leveled and made even with one another. Even slabs that appear to be lifted can sometimes be lowered on one side by raising the other side of the same slab.

Concrete Driveway Repair South Bend - After

Working around the concrete slabs, strategically, A-1 South Bend's expert technicians can even up even the most out-of-level driveways.

Concrete Driveway Leveling and Repair

Concrete Driveway Leveling - Before
Concrete Driveway Leveling - After

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The concrete driveway leveling process, while simple, isn't easy. Our experts have worked for years honing their craft so they can repair your driveway and bring it back so it's level and beautiful. 

We start by drilling a small, one-inch hole in the concrete at strategic locations. Then, using our patented equipment, our South Bend leveling professionals pump material beneath the slab, gently lifting it into place.

Our process allows for precise control, so we are able to stop the lift at just the right time. We then fill the holes with a non-shrink grout. Finally, the driveway is cleaned off and we leave your concrete looking beautiful and better than it's looked in years.

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  • Environmentally Friendly Concrete Lifting
  • 5 Year Guarantee Against Resettling on Concrete that Has Been in Place for at Least 3 Years
  • Over 23 Years of Experience
  • Quick Response Times
  • Fully Insured
  • Proven Patented Concrete Lifting Technology
  • Often 25–30% of the Cost of New Concrete
  • ​​Concrete is Ready to Use the Same Day
  • No Job is Too Small or Too Large

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