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A-1 Concrete Leveling Transferable Warranty | South Bend, Indiana

March 31st, 2023 | 3 min. read

By Sarah Etler

Here at A-1 South Bend, we aim to give our customers full confidence that their concrete leveling repair will stand the test of time with our 5-year transferable warranty.

When looking into repair options for anything around your home, you want to make sure whatever solution you choose will last. Repairing your concrete is no different. 

Here at A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend, we know that having confidence in the fact that your concrete leveling repair will stand the test of time is crucial for our customers. That’s why we offer a five-year transferable warranty on our concrete leveling services.

In this article, you’ll learn more about what our warranty covers, how you can utilize the warranty if needed, why we don’t warranty concrete that’s less than three years old, and the reason behind why we warranty our concrete leveling repairs at all.

The information in this article is specific to the warranty for A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend, Indiana. Each A-1 franchise may vary in warranty terms and coverage. Be sure to discuss warranty information with the A-1 Concrete Leveling team in your area to learn more. 

What is our warranty?

A-1 Concrete Leveling South Bend provides a five-year transferable warranty for concrete leveling repairs done on concrete that is more than three years old. 

As this warranty is transferable, repairing trip hazards or unsightly concrete before putting your home on the market can make selling easier and give both you and your buyers confidence that the concrete leveling repair will last.

Below you will find a chart showing what is and isn’t covered by A-1 South Bend’s concrete leveling warranty:

Covered by Warranty Not Covered by Warranty
  • Concrete leveling services done on concrete that’s over three years old
  • Extra services like cleaning and sealing and caulking of cracks and breaks
  • Properly maintained repairs*
  • Some cases where tree roots or extreme erosion will most likely cause resettling

*Some aspects of proper repair maintenance include keeping adequate soil levels around the leveled slabs, caulking cracks or expansion joints to keep water from intruding under the slabs, and ensuring water drainage is directed away from the concrete.

How can you use your warranty?

If you find that your concrete is resettling or you have another problem with your repair, get in contact with our office by calling or emailing to let us know what’s going on. 

We’ll then get you on the schedule for an estimator to come out to your property and evaluate the area. After the evaluation, if the issue is something we can address, we will get you on the schedule for a crew to come back and fix it at no extra cost.

Why don’t we warranty newer concrete?

A-1 South Bend’s concrete leveling warranty doesn’t cover repairs done on concrete that is under three years old, and this is because newer concrete is prone to settling

When new concrete is poured, the soil that holds up the slabs gets disturbed. It takes a while for the soil to compact and settle into its final position, and as that soil or other sub-material compacts and settles, the concrete on top comes with it.

In order to prevent resettling, the soil under the concrete slab must be as stable as possible for a concrete leveling repair.

We have found here at A-1 South Bend that three years is about the time it takes for the soil under the concrete to be adequately compacted enough to not worry as much about the potential for resettling.

Why does A-1 South Bend offer a warranty?

Although we only get called back to do warranty work for less than 5% of the concrete leveling repairs we perform here at A-1 South Bend, we know it’s crucial to offer a warranty so that our customers have peace of mind in the unlikely event that the concrete does resettle.

We believe in putting our customers first, and backing what we do with a transferable, multi-year warranty is one way we can achieve that goal.

Now what?

After learning more about the A-1 South Bend warranty, you can rest assured that our team is here to help if the need arises.

If you happen to have any issues after your repair, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. We’ll be there to help get the issue sorted out as best we can.

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Sarah Etler

Sarah Etler joined A-1 Concrete Leveling after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Northern Kentucky University. As A-1's Content Marketing Manager, she works closely with industry experts to produce content that will best answer questions related to concrete repair and maintenance practices. Sarah loves living a life full of discovery and is excited every day to see what new things she can learn and share with those around her.