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A-1 Concrete Leveling Akron specializes in Commercial & Residential Concrete Leveling:

  • Concrete Leveling
  • Concrete Repair
  • Driveway Repair

Fully Insured Pro Concrete Repair Contractor in Akron

The industry leader in technology and price, A-1 Concrete Leveling Akron fully restores and repairs concrete with guaranteed results.

  • Environmentally Friendly Concrete Lifting
  • No Job is Too Small or Too Large
  • Concrete is Ready to Use the Same Day
  • Proven Patented Concrete Lifting Technology

A-1 Concrete Akron

4305 Mt Pleasant St NW, Suite 202B
North Canton, OH 44720
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Todd went above and beyond for the extensive work needed on both my back patio and front driveway. The estimating process was thorough and he provided a couple different options based on my budget, and took the time to thoroughly explain all of the processes. Scheduling was easy, they worked around my schedule, and were nothing short of professional, efficient, kind, and patient with my many questions. The work was superb, I could not have asked for more. A wire for our electric fence was broken in the process, and Todd was immediately up front about it and apologized profusely - this is very much appreciated. As a woman who handles all of the home repair/renovations, it was an absolute pleasure to be spoken to as an individual, responsible homeowner - and not as the "wife of the house". I can't count the number of times a contractor has asked if my husband was home so he could explain things to him, or if I'd like to clear things with my husband before making any decisions. I had no such experience here, and am grateful for the excellent service and work. Thank you!

- Jen Lewis from Munroe Falls

A-1 Concrete Leveling Akron Services

home-stone-slurry-grout-concrete-leveling.jpgStone Slurry Grout Leveling

Lifting concrete slabs in Akron, with a limestone grout slurry, creates a rock-solid sub-surface—effectively creating a new, stable base. This helps prevent settling, even with the extreme freeze-thaw cycles we can experience here in Akron, Ohio.

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home-injection-foam-concrete-leveling.jpgInjection-Foam Leveling in Akron

Polyurethane foam, used for years as an effective insulating product, is now being used for concrete leveling. It utilizes smaller injection holes, offers quick cure times, and holds its shape for many years.

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home-concrete-sealing-caulking.jpgConcrete Cleaning, Sealing, and Caulking

In Akron, water is the enemy of concrete, and many issues with settling and spalling of concrete can be minimized with the proper treatment and sealing of the concrete surface and caulking of cracks.

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Jeff Hagstrom - Owner

Jeff is the owner of A-1 Concrete Leveling Akron-Canton. He is often out about town doing estimates, or just as frequently on a job helping the leveling of foundation crews complete their work to the quality that customers expect. 

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