Drainage Swales

Water can pool along your house, or in areas of your yard simply because it has nowhere else to go. Let A-1 create a drainage swale to push the water away from your foundation, or off your yard, into areas you'd rather have it flow.

Installing Drainage Swales to Move Water

Drainage swales can simply be mounds of dirt with grass or landscaping planted on them, or even concrete berms designed to direct the flow of water in the direction desired. They can be vital in keeping the water from flowing into your foundation and flooding your basement. 

Why Hire A-1 to Construct Your Drainage Swale

  • Our team at A-1 have years of experience understanding the flow of water and how best to keep it out of your house
  • We have the equipment needed to create the swales, saving you valuable time trying to build them yourself
  • We have more than 30 years of experience with drainage systems, so we can truly find the drainage solution that is best for your property and budget
  • Drainage swales don’t have to break the bank — we offer cost-effective drainage solutions you’ll love
  • A-1 offers free drainage swale quotes, so you know what you're getting into before you commit


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I was so please with the leveling job they did for me. Looks great on time and cleaned up totally when done. Joshua and the crew was awesome. Great company to do business with. Thank you. Thank you Thank you. You saved my patio.

- Brenda Simpson from Indianapolis

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