Concrete Step Repair & Leveling

Uneven concrete steps can be unsightly and can pose a danger to your family, neighbors, and visiting friends. This guide will show you how concrete step repair can transform your sunken concrete steps into safe, stable stairs. Most jobs can be completed in a day, and our price will leave you smiling.

Concrete Steps Repair

Concrete steps can often times be leveled instead of replaced.

Concrete Step Repair - Before
Concrete Step Repair - After

A-1 Concrete Leveling can lift and restore your uneven steps, using our patented concrete leveling and restoration process. Whatever the level of damage, we have the perfect solution to solve your specific problem. Our concrete step repair methods are a cost-effective way to improve the looks and the value of your home. A-1 Concrete has the expertise to carry out your concrete step repair project from the beginning stages to its completion. We will explain the process to you so that you will know what to expect and have confidence in our methods.

Concrete Steps Repair Costs

You will probably be surprised how affordable concrete steps leveling and repair can be. There really is no other more cost-effective way to fix the steps. Tearing them out and replacing them would be significantly more expensive. The overall cost depends heavily on...

Causes of Sunken Steps

Steps sink for similar reasons as many other concrete slabs. Often water can undermine the integrity of the soil base under the steps, causing them to drop to fill the void.

More Concrete Steps Before & After Photos

It can sometimes be hard to imagine that we can lift and level steps, but A-1 has leveled thousands of them across the country. From one step all the way up to several steps we can bring those steps up to where they were when they were originally poured. Take a look:

Concrete Stair Repair & Leveling

This whole concrete stair was dropped several inches. It might seem an impossible task to lift it back in place, but A-1 was up to the challenge.

Concrete Steps Leveling - Before
Concrete Steps Leveling - After

Concrete Steps Leveling and Repair

Concrete steps, even ones with brick overlays, can also be raised using our process. It takes an expert with knowleged honed over years to do it right, but A-1 has done thousands of them.

Concrete Steps Leveling - Before

This is an example of a front step that we see on a weekly basis at least once. The step either falls to one side, or is down all the way across. With our patented equipment, we can lift it back into place.

Concrete Steps Leveling - After

Having level, even steps is critical to the safety of your family and visitors. Take a look at the end results after we leveled this step. It's now safe, and beautiful.

Concrete Steps Leveling and Repair

Concrete Steps Leveling - Before
Concrete Steps Leveling - After

The Concrete Steps Leveling Process

The process for leveling steps is sometimes a bit different than how we level other concrete slabs. Depending on the construction of the step, and the number of stairs to be lifted, we may either pump directly through the top of a slab, and the surrounding sidewalks, or we may employ other methods of lifting the steps. These can include a system of jacks and levers to get it into place, followed by pumping our stone grout slurry underneath to create a solid base. This assures a concrete step repair that will last for years to come.

Whatever method is required, you can be sure that A-1 Concrete Leveling will offer the best solution, and get the job right the first time.

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Why Repair Your Concrete Steps and Stoops with A-1 Concrete

  • Save 50% - 70% over the cost of replacement
  • Ready to use the same day
  • No job is too large or too small
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Our work is guaranteed
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Supported by our National A-1 Franchise Network
  • A-1 is a fully insured contractor
  • Professionally-trained technicians
  • Patented state of the art equipment
  • No Minimum Charge


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