A-1 Concrete Leveling Louisville Before & After Photos

A-1 Concrete Leveling Louisville has completed over 16,000 concrete leveling jobs across Kentuckiana over our 20+ years in the business. Take a look at our before and after photos below to get a taste of what we can do for you.

Louisville Sidewalk Concrete Repair

This is a situation we see quite often. The sidewalk has broken away from the step and water has washed under the walkway creating a void, which caused the sidewalk to sink.

Louisville Sidewalk Repair Before

This sidewalk had sunk so much, rain was washing the landscaping over the crack, most likely funneling water beneath the slab causing more damage.

Louisville Sidewalk Repair After

After the concrete sidewalk was lifted, A-1 Louisville installed a non-shrink, long-lasting caulk to the crack to keep water from getting under the slab again.

Louisville Concrete Step Repair

Stairs are another area that we repair on a regular basis. Most sink from the porch, like this example, and most often there are issues with the sidewalk as well. One step or twenty, we've lifted them all.

Louisville Step Repair Before

Notice the significant drop with these steps. Also the large trip hazard that was formed on the sidewalk as well.

Louisville Step Repair After

The steps have been lifted back to their original location, and the trip hazard on the sidewalk repaired too.

Louisville Concrete Garage Floor Repair

Even garage floors can have issues with the concrete slabs sinking. A-1 can level the floor back to its original position at a significant savings over the cost of replacement.

Louisville Garage Floor Leveling Before

This garage had a significant drop of almost seven inches. This created an issue so bad the homeowner quit using the door into the house.

Louisville Garage Floor Leveling After

After leveling, the garage floor was back to its original position, and the homeowner could get back to using his garage as it was intended.

Louisville Concrete Porch Repair

This front porch had dropped an inch or so all along the brick edge. A-1 Louisville was able to lift the porch without disturbing the brick. Some long-lasting, non-shrink caulking helps to keep it that way for years to come.

Louisville Porch Repair Before

The drop in height of the porch created a significant trip hazard right where the homeowner, and any visitors to the house, walked.

Louisville Porch Repair After

With the whole concrete porch lifted back in place, the homeowner had a like-new porch, and didn't have to worry about anyone tripping and getting hurt.


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