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Jay Kiger - Owner

Jay has been the owner of A-1 Concrete Leveling Atlanta since 2015. He is often out about town doing estimates, or he might even be the one you talk to when you call in for your free estimate. It is his goal to always make sure you are provided the best solution for your job. And he won't quit until you're satisfied with the work A-1 provides.

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A1 came out to raise up my garage floor which was sunken in the center. They came out on time for the quote and the job. They were a quarter of the price of the other guys who advertise on the radio. Floor looks level. Happy with job. Guys who came out were polite and explained what they were doing. Floor sank an inch after a few weeks. This was not totally unexpected. They came out under warranty. Didn't give me a hard time about coming out again. After several months I'm still happy with work.

- Karsten Pedersen from Atlanta