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Become a Specialist in Concrete Leveling

Communities everywhere are plagued with jagged sidewalks, uneven steps, and sunken patios and driveways. These are more than inconveniences - they represent dangerous and unsightly conditions. Every homeowner is looking for cost-effective solutions to these vital home repairs.

Some individuals have had good ideas for dealing with these problems - Grover Miller had a great one.

Over 30 years ago Mr. Miller developed his first self-contained pumping unit to level concrete. Drawing on his 35 years of experience in the construction industry, Grover saw the need for a cost-effective method of raising and saving concrete and developed a unique piece of equipment to fill that need.

After drilling a small hole in an existing slab (from sidewalk blocks to airport runways), an environmentally safe slurry is hydraulically injected under the existing slab, lifting it to its original position. It is quick, cost-effective and guaranteed!

In 1992, Mr. Miller developed the adjustable piston and screener for the self-contained leveling unit, for which patents have been obtained. These, along with other innovations, have allowed A-1 Concrete Leveling to provide a highly efficient and cost-effective method for leveling concrete surfaces. By using this distinct method, A-1 is able to offer concrete leveling and repairs at greatly reduced costs, as compared to traditional "tear-out" and "re-pour" methods.

In 1994, A-1 Concrete Leveling began to franchise the operations and award this technology to qualified individuals in select markets. Over more than 20 years, we have found that the process works, and the marketing works. Now we invite you to consider joining the A-1 Concrete Leveling team in your city.

We would like to invite you to call us at 1-888-675-3835 and find out more about what we believe to be the most unique opportunity in the market today.


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Brad Royer - General Manager

As General Manager at A-1 South Bend, Brad knows everything about everything when it comes to concrete leveling. He keeps things running smoothly, and everybody where they need to be to get the job done right and on time. He has been with A-1 since 1999.

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Our steps on our raised ranch had sunk and pulled away from the foundation. A-1 returned my call, answered my questions and gave me a quote and stuck with it. The crew showed up on time and were very professional. They cleaned up before leaving. I would highly recommend them.

- Judy Nichelson from Overland Park

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