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A-1 Concrete Leveling—Coming to a City Near You.

When A-1 Concrete Leveling started in the 1990s, we had no idea it would grow into the largest concrete leveling company in America. We knew we had a great solution for uneven concrete, and we knew the potential was huge, but we never would have imagined just how far we would go. Here we are over twenty-five years later, and we're still growing.

Today we have locations in over 50 metropolitan markets, from Philadelphia to Denver, and as far south as Atlanta. But there are many more markets across the United States that are still untapped. Concrete leveling is a great solution anywhere there is settled or shifting concrete. We are primarily a good fit for areas with high freeze-thaw cycles, or with expansive soil that includes a lot of clay. Sandy soil, like that found in some of the most southern parts of the U.S., might not be a good fit for our solution.

All of our franchise territories are exclusive and defined by zip code. We are focused on maintaining strong opportunities for each location and rely heavily on demographic data to define these territories to give all our franchisees the maximum potential for growth. 

Don't see an A-1 Concrete Leveling location near you?

We have a number of Premium markets available in the U.S.
Start your journey toward becoming part of the A-1 Family.

(888) 675-3835 > Get Started >
Start your journey toward becoming part of the A-1 Family
(888) 675-3835 > Get Started >
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Original repair completed Dec 2021/ noticed cracks again in July - after numerous calls - t text messages - finally had repairs second time Oct 18th. Very poor customer service & response time. Lack of communication !! Hopefully the latest repairs work

- Karen from New Albany