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If you take a walk around the neighborhoods in your area, chances are high that you will see concrete that needs leveled. Sidewalk slabs will be sunken. Driveways up near the garage will be dropped significantly. Front steps will be crooked, or dropped significantly from the porch. In fact, we have a saying around here, "There are two kinds of concrete slabs. Concrete that has sunk. And concrete that will sink." And all the owners of all those sunken slabs are wondering how they can fix them. Most think the only option is expensive replacement. But there is another way. And once people see what we can do, you can literally watch as their faces light up.

In the United States, the annual production of concrete is over 500 million tons. This is about two tons for each man, woman, and child. With this much concrete being poured each year, the need for concrete leveling will continue well into the future. Concrete itself can last for decades, if not centuries if well maintained. As such, if there is an issue with concrete slabs getting out of level, the idea that it needs to be torn out and replaced is oftentimes a really bad one. We can typically save customers up to 70% off the cost of new concrete. So, it becomes a very enticing option for most prospects.

So, when asking what is the potential for concrete leveling in your area, the answer is often, quite literally, nearly unlimited. New concrete is poured every year. Concrete is continually settling. And there is usually very little wrong from a structural standpoint with that concrete. So the best answer to uneven, settled concrete is, most often, concrete leveling.

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