When Do You Need Foundation Repair?

Foundations don’t usually sink without there being some apparent signs that it’s happening. You may notice cracks in your basement walls (typically in a stair-step pattern.) Or, you may also see cracks in your exterior walls, even going up several floors depending on the size of the building. These are most readily apparent on brick-faced structures. Other signs are doors that won’t close or cracks in plaster walls. Or even roofs that look like they’ve sagged. All of these could be signs that you’ve got something going on with your foundation that should be addressed before it gets much worse.

Bowed Basement Walls

You can also experience, what we call, bowed walls in a basement. This is where a wall is pushed in by pressure in the ground outside. Sometimes it can be just a small amount. Sometimes it can be several inches and look like the wall is going to cave in. Like other kinds of foundation issues, this one should be addressed as soon as possible, otherwise, the wall could come crashing down, possibly taking a portion of your home with it.

A-1 Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair Solutions

We have several different solutions we apply to all of these structural issues. Give us a call today for your free assessment, and let us get your house back on a firm foundation.


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