Carbon Fiber Straps

Carbon fiber technology was originally used in the military and aerospace industry because of its high strength and ability to resist elongation. Carbon fiber can provide reinforcement to your basement walls by putting the interior of your wall under compression so that continued cracking and bowing cannot occur. This solution doesn’t typically eliminate the existing bow in your wall, but it does stop it from getting worse.

Bowed Wall Carbon Fiber Straps

  • Area to be repaired is cleaned and roughed up with a grinder to allow for adhesion of straps.
  • Open cracks are cleaned out and filled with hydraulic cement or RCF Structural Epoxy Injection Resin.
  • Carbon fiber straps are adhered to the wall using an epoxy, spaced out as necessary.
  • After the epoxy cures, the wall can be painted, allowing the straps to blend in visually with the surface of the wall.
Carbon Fiber Wall Straps


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