A-1 Concrete Leveling St. Louis performs concrete garage floor leveling using our environmentally friendly concrete leveling methods (sometimes called garage floor mud jacking.)

Our garage floor repair method fixes floors that typically sink and become uneven over time due to many factors. Because settlement isn't uniform, one section of a floor may crack and settle when the soils underneath them shrink, settle or wash away. When the soils underneath expand, a concrete slab will lift, or "heave,” resulting in more unevenness. Concrete garage floors can also lift or sink independently of the walls. Our experts will determine the best garage floor leveling technique for your particular job.


Understanding the causes of an uneven garage floor is important to finding the best garage floor lifting solution to fix the issue. Some uneven floors may also be due to foundation problems. The trained team at A-1 Concrete Leveling St. Louis will make a free structural assessment and provide a quote with the correct long-lasting solution that will level your concrete garage floor.

“What causes concrete to sink is the ground underneath settles, and the concrete will then end up settling. However, it doesn't always settle under a complete piece of concrete. It doesn't always settle evenly. Sometimes . . . somebody will have a water issue underneath the center of a concrete driveway slab and a big void will open up under that concrete slab.”

—Alan Benes, Owner, A-1 Concrete St. Louis

Ready to Use the Same Day!

Whether the garage floor has sunk by an inch or a foot, we have the experience and patented process that can level concrete garage floors without replacement. Our process avoids unsightly patchwork repair leaving a beautiful visual appearance. You will also be able to use the repaired floor on the very same day.

Why Use A-1 St. Louis to Level your Concrete Garage Floor?

  • Save 50% - 70% over the cost of replacement
  • The garage is Ready to use the same day
  • No garage floor job is too large or too small
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Our garage leveling work is guaranteed
  • Locally Owned and Operated
  • Supported by our National A-1 Franchise Network
  • A-1 St. Louis is a fully insured garage floor leveling contractor
  • Professionally-trained technicians
  • Patented state of the art concrete leveling equipment

What the St. Louis area community is saying:

“Very Good Mudjacking Experience: we needed mudjacking of [the] garage and porch, and got 4 quotes. Alan (owner) was the only one of the quotes who actually spent time sounding the concrete with a ball and truly trying to figure out the voids and their cause. 

He came up with a more detailed plan — thinner mud, etc, and his quote was more transparent — he charges by the truck of mud pumped in, flat rate. Others estimated that our job would need only 1 truck, but Alan at A-1 was more accurate in the estimate and thought it would be up to 3 trucks. 

The result was that A1's quote was both more accurate and a better deal. His team is awesome. They even put a tarp under their entire truck so absolutely nothing falls on your drive, and they drilled extra holes to be sure they got all the voids, and were friendly. Afterwards it appeared that they had mopped the site — even the dust from the drill was gone. It was nice to have a contractor who did the job they way they would do it for a family member or friend — clean, thorough, professional. I really appreciated them taking the time to drill extra holes to ensure complete fill — that will save me from having surprises in the future.”

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I am very satisfied with the leveling work on our sidewalks. Alan took his time to do the best he could on our small sidewalk jobs. I would definitely hire them back again if I need their service again in the future.

- Shouzhu Zhang from Ballwin