A Great Idea

Some people have good ideas, but Grover Miller had a great one. For over 40 years, until his death in September 2013, Grover was recognized as a gifted inventor and innovator of pumping technologies for the construction industry. His years of experience and innovation led him to the development of the adjustable piston and screener for the self-contained concrete leveling unit.

A-1 Concrete’s proprietary equipment allows us to provide an entire concrete leveling operation on one truck. Our system provides the scale needed for large jobs, as well as the compact size and efficiencies needed for smaller jobs. Big or small – we do it all.

Our Technology

Innovative Technology sets A-1 apart as a leader in the concrete leveling industry. Grover Miller's unique design represents over thirty-five years of experience in pumping technologies, including eight years he spent developing and perfecting the adjustable piston and screener.

Grover obtained patents on certain improvements of the concrete leveling unit, and A-1 has secured exclusive rights to this equipment for the use of its nationwide locations.

The A-1 system represents a tremendous cost savings in terms of labor, materials, and time. In addition, the A-1 system maintains the appearance of the customer’s concrete surface; a decided advantage over the cumbersome "tear out and replace" method.

Management Team
James W. Creed, President / Secretary

An Akron, Ohio resident with over 20 years of experience in residential construction, Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Labor Economics, and also brings valuable sales and management experience to the A-1 organization. The dynamic personality, management expertise and marketing skills Jim has developed as an independent business owner provide a vital stability to the day-to-day operations of A-1 Concrete Leveling, Inc.

John F. Rasnick, Chief Financial Officer

With over thirty years of experience as legal counsel for franchised businesses, John has worked with several successful national franchisors to develop their franchising programs. He earned an undergraduate degree in business from Walsh College and his law degree from The University of Akron. Mr. Rasnick has also been a small business owner in the past and regularly serves as legal counsel to corporate and business clients.

Mike Fulton, Director of Operations

Mike brings a wealth of technical experience and mechanical aptitude to his position as A-1’s Director of Operations. Mike is constantly reviewing advancements in the concrete industry to look for ways to improve efficiency of A-1’s operations in order to reduce costs for customers while building profits for our nationwide franchisee partners. Mike also pays careful attention to safety issues, and helps to ensure that A-1 maintains OSHA compliance, for the safety of customers and staff.

Robert Rasnick, Chief Technical Officer

Robert assists Franchisees with the implementation of newly developed applications, while also researching new innovations and lines of business, and providing ongoing technical support of the pumping unit. Robert holds a Master's degree in Engineering from the University of Tennessee.

Dale Pease, Director of Technology

Dale is a talented web designer with experience in search engine optimization and web-based marketing. Dale maintains the main A-1 website, and also assists Franchisees who wish to use A-1's proprietary template structure to optimize market penetration and maximize online marketing results.

Grover W. Miller, Founder

The late Grover Miller developed his first self-contained pumping unit in 1984 and improved on it continually until his death in September 2013. One of the major improvements to the leveling unit was Grover's development of the adjustable piston and screener in 1992. Grover's many innovations have provided a highly efficient and cost effective method for leveling concrete slabs and solving most structural problems. A-1 is honored to carry on the legacy of Grover Miller.

A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair

Mission Statement

Let everything we do be grounded in a commitment to honor God (Ethics).
Each customer will be treated with integrity, dignity and respect (Respect).
Value of the customer and value to the customer governs how we run our business (Value).
Every completed job will demonstrate our commitment to excellence (Quality).
Loyalty to our customers, staff and business partners is what makes us a family business (Relationship).