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COVID-19 Statement

covid19.jpgWe are experiencing an unprecedented situation with the COVID-19 virus, and the response of local, state, and federal authorities. At A-1, we are committed to doing all we can to act in a socially responsible way to help minimize the spread of the virus, while also servicing our customers to the best of our ability.

Because we are a business that offers services that mainly takes place outside, with minimal human contact, we are confident that our work can be completed without putting our team or customers at further risk. Of course, if the scientific community or governments make suggestions that change our view we will institute new policies as necessary.

Our franchises are taking all the necessary steps to reduce or eliminate all physical contact with customers. This included emailing estimates and invoices, using the phone, and sometimes even tools like facetime, to ask and answer questions during the bid process. We are asking that our estimators and crews eliminate any hand-shaking with customers. And continue to use hand sanitizers, cleaning products, and washing hands on a regular basis.

We have a chance here to really make a difference and reduce the overall impact of this virus, but it takes all of us working together to do it, and A-1 is committed to being a good partner in lessening the overall impact of the COVID-19 virus. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we try out new methods of interacting with our customers.

Hopefully, with us all working together, in a few months we can all say it didn’t end up as bad as we thought it would.

Let us know if you have any questions, or contact your local franchise if you have any specific questions about jobs that you are considering or already have in progress.


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Ron Bowen - Owner

Ron is the owner of A-1 Concrete Leveling Indianapolis North. He is often out about town doing estimates, or just as frequently on a job helping the leveling of foundation crews complete their work to the quality that customers expect.

250 Reviews - 5 out of 5 stars [READ MORE]

We used A1 to level our patio because it had settled and water was pooling at our foundation. While they were here we pointed out what we believed was a cosmetic issue of settling in our garage. They offered to repair both issues, with a discount for booking multiple jobs. What no one knew was that the "minor" settling in the garage, actually turned out to be a very large hole underneath the floor (15 inches deep and 21 feet wide). The project took much more material and time than anyone could have anticipated. A1 was FANTASTIC in keeping us up to speed on the repair and completely FAIR in the pricing for the job, which turned out to be much, MUCH larger than we realized. We are grateful for the work they did, how clean and courtesy they were, and how well they communicated about the evolution of the project.

- Leah Pickard from Downingtown